EarthPath is the study of shamanic-style Earth-centered spirituality blended with Wiccan philosophies. The purpose of the study program is to assist others in attaining their own personal path of spiritual growth and, if desired, a level of competence appropriate for ministry (either ordained or non-ordained, by the choice of the student).

If you are interested in investigating the EarthPath program of study, please look at the curriculum. As this site develops, individual lesson outlines will be linked to the curriculum page. If you have any questions, comments or desire to study EarthPath further, please email WindRider.

We teach adults either online or in person. Imder-aged children are taught only with a parent/guardian present or after a parent/guardian has personally met the members of our circle and given written consent for their child to take instruction from us.

Adult Curriculum

Children’s Curriculum coming soon

EarthPath: Building a Web of Alternative Spirituality

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